From the Field

Nobody knows a farm like its cows! Their farmers and Stonyfield are here to pass word from the pasture, where organic life means real fields and happy barns. Get ready to hear about farm traditions, the environment, and more, straight from the cow's mouth.

From the Field

June 1, 2020

"Meet the folks at High Meadow Farm"
by Ali








Me and my Head Farmer Matt!

Hello. Is this thing on? Hi! I'm Ali, and this is my first blog post. It's all about my owner, Eric! Let's see what he had to say.

Q. Moo.
A. Hi to you too. My name is Eric Zeihm, and I'm 42. My wife is Jamie, and I have two boys, Cole, age 13, and Case, age 9.

Q. Moo.
A. Well, I am a Sagittarius.

Q. Moo!
A. I have been farming ever since I could walk!

Q. Moo!!
A. I suppose that's true, good for you.

Q. Moo?
A. Officially, I started in 1999 after I graduated college.

Q. Moo. Moo?
A. I chose organic farming because I really enjoy seeing our cows in an organic setting, out grazing in the pasture. I want to be part of the movement to help our environment and ecosystem heal and prosper!

Q. Moo, moo. Moo?
A. My favorite thing about farming is that I get to be so many different things every different day. For example, I get to play a veterinarian, carpenter, electrician, environmentalist, agronomist, economist, and even a psychologist! I love waking up to new challenges!

Q. Moo.
A. Moo!