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Flower Child

Hi! I live in Cabot, Vermont. My farmers, Myles and Rhonda, are the seventh generation to work on my farm. Even their grandkids help out like old pros! Want to hear more?

All About Flower Child


4 but doesn't look a day over 3

Fun fact:

I'm always first to the milking parlor.

Best Friend:

My daughter Finesse


Laying down while eating.


Tall grass


Hot summer afternoons, I'll be inside by a fan, thank you.

What to Expect

Pick Flower Child, and you'll get updates like pictures and video from the farm, trivia about organic farming, and even little gifts from Stonyfield. Thanks for supporting our cows!

Flower Child's farm

At Flower Child's farm in Cabot, Vermont, even the kids have farming in their blood!