From the Field

Nobody knows a farm like its cows! Their farmers and Stonyfield are here to pass word from the pasture, where organic life means real fields and happy barns. Get ready to hear about farm traditions, the environment, and more, straight from the cow's mouth.

From the Field

July 21, 2021

"Help Us Welcome Maple Valley Jersey Farm"
by Deer

We have some bittersweet news! After a glorious year in the limelight, Liberty and Quarry Hill Farm are making way for a new farm in the Have a Cow program! Maple Hill Jersey Farm is worked by young farmers John & Cassie Tiffany (and their baby daughter, Elizabeth, born in November!). They'll be represented in the Have a Cow program by a beautiful Jersey named Deer.

Learn all about your new cow and farm here! And read on for your first seasonal update from Maple Hill Jersey Farm.

What is spring weather like in Fairfield, Vermont? 
Deer: Some cool nights with some very hot days. Not very much rain. Lots of sunshine! The sun comes up at 5am and goes down at 9pm. Quite a change from winter!

We love how cows dance on their first day of fresh spring pastures! Who is your best dancer?!
John & Cassie: Dynamite always loves new pastures! 

What’s your favorite spring flower/plant? 
Deer: Red clover. It is sweet, pretty, and so much fun to eat! 

What do you spend the most time doing in the spring? 
Deer: Chowing down on the fresh green pastures! When I am not grazing, I love sunbathing under the bright warm sun.

John & Cassie: We spend the most time in the spring in the fields, whether it be building fences or haying for the long winter months.

Do you grow any crops on the farm?
John & Cassie: Yes! Hay.

Anything else you’d like to share about spring on your farm? 
John & Cassie: It has been very busy getting everything together and getting in the swing of things!

Deer: We cows LOVE being outside all day and night!