From the Field

Nobody knows a farm like its cows! Their farmers and Stonyfield are here to pass word from the pasture, where organic life means real fields and happy barns. Get ready to hear about farm traditions, the environment, and more, straight from the cow's mouth.

From the Field

June 1, 2020

"Meet AnnMarie"
by Liberty

Anne Marie






My name is Liberty, because I was  born on the Fourth of July, just like my mom, Freedom, but enough about me. Today I want you to meet my farmer, AnnMarie Gillilan. Here we go!

Q. Moo!
A. My name is AnnMarie Gillilan. I run Quarry Hill Farm with my sons Keegan, Kayden, and Kaleb.

Q. Moo?
A. Hmm. Well, I’m witty and sarcastic at times, I don’t like chunks in my desserts, and I can juggle.

Q. Moooo! Moo?
A. I've been farming for 20 years.

Q. Moo, moo. Moo?
A. I chose organic farming because my sons and I are strong believers in sustainable farming practices that not only build soil quality but help to care for our environment. Organic farming was the logical step to take for our farm.

Q. Moo?
A. Our favorite thing about farming is our cows and the people we’ve met along the way.

Q. Moooooo.
A. You too. Now, let's get you back on the right side of the fence--


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